Example Presentations & Topic Ideas

Expected Audience

We expect some attendees will know what WordPress is but have minimal experience using it. More advanced users are likely experienced bloggers and “power users” but probably have never modified a theme or manually moved a WordPress site.

We’re looking for speakers who can teach WordPress best practices, open people’s eyes to what WordPress can be, and speak about all the other things that come up when running a WordPress site (social media, analytics, business, consulting, collaboration, and whatever else you can think of) at an introductory level.

Below, we’ve compiled example WordCamp talks and topic ideas to help you understand the types of topics we have in mind and help you think of the presentation you can give to this audience.

Don’t let this limit your imagination!

Samples & Ideas

General Topic Ideas

  • WordPress Getting Started & How-Tos
    • How to choose a theme / plugin
    • WordPress.com vs. Self-Hosted WordPress
    • How to ___________ with WordPress, e.g.
      • __manage users__
      • __master categories & tags__
      • __change your theme__
      • __upload, edit, and use images__
    • Social media and WordPress
    • Accessibility and WordPress
    • WordPress Security
    • How to select a host for your WordPress site
  • Personal Experiences
    • Lessons learned from doing __________ with WordPress
    • Show off a particularly interesting feature or use of WordPress
    • WordPress for business/nonprofits/government
    • WordPress as a blog/cms/membership site/store/intranet/social network/etc.
    • YOUR WordPress story
  • Business Topics
    • Open source business models
    • Hiring people to help with WordPress
    • The business of building WordPress websites for others
    • Networking in the world of WordPress
  • And More!
    • Open source philosophy, community, citizenship
    • Contributing to WordPress / getting involved

Examples from WordPress.tv

These are all talks that probably would fit well with the intended audience for WordPress Seattle: Beginner Edition.

Getting Started With WordPress

Maintaining WordPress

Editorial / Blogging


Other Use Cases

And More

Technical Skills (possibly too advanced?)